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Kings Mountain Mosaic Project - July, 2009

This project is funded and performed by the Kings Mountain residents and directed by the mosaic artist Xuan My Ho.
Five beautiful mosaic benches and the Verizon pedestal were completed and installed on Sunday, July 12, 2009 by the Kings Mountain community members. It took six Saturdays, two Fridays, one Sunday and many supporters and volunteers to get this project done as planned. The total of volunteers who worked on mosaic sessions were 34 adults and four teenagers. There were three volunteers who worked full time; some worked for a few sessions and others would drop in for several hours.

Here are some activity pictures of Kings Mountain Mosaic Project:

And more information about Xuan's community project on the news is in this link:
Half Moon Bay Review article on Xuan and the mosaic benches

Following are the pictures of the mosaic benches and Verizon pedestal:

The main entrance bench

The firehouse bench

The skunk

The climbing squirrel

Two banana slugs on a dry leaf