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Kings Mountain Mosaic Project - March - May, 2011
Woodside, Ca

For this project, the Kings Mountain community worked together to fund and create a beautiful 27’ x 2’ signage that reads “Phleger Station” and a 5’ x 9’ mural entitled “Hiking on Kings Mountain.” Forty volunteers donated their time for seven weekends to complete this project, and the donors'names are on hand-made ceramic leaves on the mural as a truly communal piece of art.

Read this article on Half Moon Bay Review Newspaper:
Mosaic Artist Brings Gift to Community

"Phleger Station" Signage

"Hiking on Kings Mountain" Mural

Mosaic Benches Project - June - July, 2009
Woodside, Ca

Directed by Xuan My Ho, members of the Kings Mountain community completed and installed five elegant mosaic benches and the Verizon pedestal on Sunday, July 12, 2009. It took six Saturdays, two Fridays, one Sunday, and many supporters and 38 volunteers to complete this project.

Watch the fantastic volunteers working on this project!

And more information about Xuan's community project on the news is in this link:
Half Moon Bay Review article on Xuan and the mosaic benches

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