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Thinking about working with mosaics? Done mosaics but want to learn more? Xuan teaches mosaic classes on weekends for both private and group lessons. Her classes are inclusive of all levels, styles, experience and any type of project. If you are interested in taking a class, please email myxuanho@hotmail.com.

Private Classes

"Ruby Slippers"
Jillian Sherwood-Butler

Jillian made this slipper as the final project for her Interior Architectural Class. She drew her inspiration from "The Wizard of Oz" scene where Dorothy clicks her red slipper to go home.

Materials: Glass beads, mini glass tiles, stained glass, seashells, and mirror.


Private Classes

"Flowers Garden"
Sarah Carlson - 13 years old

Flowers Garden is the abstract design which is Sarah's preferred style for this piece. Each section has been carefully selected for her combination and arrangement of colors. This bench is Sarah's project for the Art program at her school.

Materials: China ceramic


Group Lesson Classes

Class of 11/2011

Class of 10/2008

Class of 04/2008

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