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"Lion Head" Water Fountain

The Lion Head water fountain has as its centerpiece a lion peering out of the foliage and blue skies. Beneath him a waterfall ends into a pond with swimming fish over the waterfall that rushes into a pond surrounded by greenery. Fish swim inside the pond and a seashell adorns the bottom. The outside of the water base section is covered with spring flowers in different colors. The base of the water fountain repeats the colors of the above section more vividly with a seashell at its center.

The mosaic layers cover the entire water fountain inside and out of the waterfall.

The water fountain can stand against a wall and is ideal for a hallway of the main house entrance or for the backyard wall.

Materials: Ceramic, marbles, sea shells, stained glass, ceramic fish, 2 stone frogs.

Dimensions: 4'10 (H) x 24 (W) x 35 (L)

Herbst International Exhibition Hall
San Francisco, CA
Date: 07/26/2005 - 08/13/2005
Award: Honorable Mention

This piece is included in the book "American Art Collector - West" by Tom Palmer.

"Innocence" Water Fountain

This water fountain was designed to contrast bright and dark colors where the top consists a fire ball shot out of the water into the sky vs the base with an innocent little girl leaning against a tree.

Materials: Ceramic,tempered glass, marbles, one gypsum gecko, two stone frogs, glass flowers, and millefiori.

Dimensions: 40" (H) x 22" (D)

"Octopus" Water Fountain
(Not for sale)

The Octopus fountain consists of 5 separate pieces and its 360 degree design allows viewing from any angle. The two tiers represent a sea. On the first tier, fish swim happily in its shallows, while on the second tier a huge octopus in the deeper water waves his tentacles searching for food. This piece would be best placed in a central location in the garden.

Materials: China ceramic, ceramic fish, marbles, sea shells, Venetian glass (for suction cups of the octopus)

Widest width: 35''
Height: 4.4 feet


"Fish Pond" Water Fountain

The Fish Pond water fountain has three different elements: the base which is designed with the theme of aquatic life; the body as a little pond with many colorful fish as if they are ready to joyfully jump out of the surface, and a little boy pouring water from a vase. The combination of different themes creates a vibrant and dynamic artwork.

Materials: China ceramic, arcylic jewels, glass, marbles, sea shells, stone (the little turtle next to the boy's right foot)

Widest width: 25''
Height (base to top of boy): 4 feet

"Spring in the Forest" Water Fountain
(Not for Sale)

"Spring in the Forest" required a tedious process of composing and combining different colors. There are 4 tiers each bearing a unique design theme: top tier is "Childhood Confusion", second tier is "Seven Periods of Life", and the third tier is "Forest in Spring". The combination of mosaic pieces and sparkling water creates a great harmony for any court yard.

Approximate Dimensions:
The girl's height: 22"
Top tier max. length: 20"
Middle tier max. length: 22"
Bottom tier max. length: 36"
Total structure height: 52"