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Seascape Wedding Cake

Commission by:
Hao & Thu-Du Bui
Riverside, Ca
Gift for their daughter's birthday - Bao-Truc

This wedding cake is from my returned clients who commissioned me to make it as a birthday gift for their daughter. This mosaic cake is based on a picture of a real wedding cake which was designed and made by the bride's teacher, Christopher Garren Russom. The cake was designed with the theme of seascape based on her love of sea critters.

Materials: Ceramic, porcelain fish, van gogh glass, seashells, citrine stones, real sea urchins, mini cocos, coral, blown glass octopus & seashorses, handmade polymer clay rings and anemone, glass beads, fused glass
Dimensions: 15"(W) x 15"(D) x 33"(H)
Weight: 30 lbs

Cinque Terre

"Cinque Terre" means Five Lands which comprises the five small coastal villages located in the north-west of Italy. This piece requires meticulous and tiny cuts of stained glass to fit intricately together. In adition, the specific cutting shapes of abalone shells to make the mountain wall look 3-dimentional.

Materials: Stained glass, abalone shells, citrine, precious stones, temperred glass
Dimensions: 25"x 33"
Weight: 15 lbs