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Crocodile Bench

Commissioned By:
Residents in Los Altos Hills, Ca

This piece was commissioned by my clients in Los Altos Hills, who wanted to reuse gorgeous glass tiles removed from their swimming pool. The centerpiece of this outdoor bench is a crocodile, one of their favorite animals

Materials: Blue Glass, sea glass, precious stones, fused glass
Dimensions: 55"(L) x 19"(W) x 19"(H)

Winter in Town

Acquired By:
Kirby Burnside, Attorney
Palo Alto, Ca

I created this piece after returning from a trip to Baltic countries. The colorful houses in Copenhagen, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden really triggered my mind that I had a desire to create houses with beautiful colors that were still fresh in mind!

Materials: Stained glass, glass strings, glass frit
Dimensions: 10.5" x 13.5" (excluding frame)
Weight: 3 lbs

Nature's Nook

Materials: Handmade ceramic, ceramic plates, slates, marbles, rocks, glass, stained & tempered glass, pertrified wood
Dimensions: 24" x 12"
Weight: 6 lbs