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Reggie the Bobcat

Acquired By:
Lisa Betlem
Birthday gift for husband
Woodside, CA

The base: lightweight polystyrene foam, fiber mesh, thinset
Mosaic layer: Ceramic plates, stained glass
Dimensions: 33"(L) x 12"(W) x 10"(H)
Weight: 20 lbs


The Widow's Olive Oil

The idea to create this piece is from my conversation with a friend who is fondly interested in the biblical story "The Widowís Olive Oil" in the Old Testament 2 Kings 4:1-7. It's the story of a poor woman who lost her husband. She asked Elisha, the prophet, for help as she was afraid to lose her two sons who would become slaves to pay for her husbandís debts. She has nothing except a jar with little olive oil. The prophet Elisha helped the woman to secure her future by letting olive oil continue pouring into many jars for her to sell to pay off her debts.

Materials:Handmade & China ceramic, vitreous & stained glass, black onit, giant sea urchins, abalone, handmade stone flowers
Dimensions: 33"(H) x 19"W) x 15"(D)
Weight: 44 lbs


Heart's Delight

This heart is a part of "Hearts in San Francisco" project of San Francisco General Hospital Foundation with the mission to promote research, education, and care for all at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center. This sculpture, along with other 32 hearts, were dislayed at the luncheon event on Feb. 16th, 2017 at AT&T Park in San Francisco. All proceeds was donated to the Zuckerberg General Hospital.
This Heart's Delight was bid for $3,500.00 by an anonymous donor in New York.

Materials: Stained glass, peacock rocks, citrine, amethyst, mini geode, glass beads, mother of pearl, seashells
Dimensions: 7"(H) x 6"(W) x 2"(D)
Weight: 7 lbs


Under the Sea - front side

Under the Sea - back side
Under the Sea

Materials: Stained, fused, vitreous, and temperred glass, ceramic, quartz, azurite, malachite, mini cocos geode,coral, mirror, CD
Dimensions: 27"(H) x 28"(L) x 9"(W)
Weight: 55 lbs



Materials: ceramic, tiles, fused glass
Dimensions: 5'5(H) x 2'(W) x 2'(L)


Fire and Water

Materials: Stained and tempered glass, granite, marble
Dimensions: 17" x 9" x 5"
Weight: 3 lbs



Travelling is also a source of my creativity. When I traveled to Switzerland in 2014, a dazzling window display in Zurich caught my eye, where mannequins posed in the latest styles. Their eye-catching clothing inspired me to design my own outfit, with a leather jacket, fancy jeans and a belt, proudly worn by Zurie, named after the city that first sparked my imagination.
How to form a jacket that flowed realistically on a mannequin was quite a challenge for me, especially the process of adding a layer of mirrors to the inner lining. I wanted to create a lively shape to capture the strong personality of a woman in society today.

Materials:Stained glass, ceramic, mirror,fused glass, mini tiles, beads
Dimensions: 42"(H) x 20"(L)x 13"(W)
Weight: 54 lbs


The Gourd

Materials: Stained and vitreous glass, ceramic, synthetic spikes, urchin spines, milifiories, coral
Dimensions: 28" x 19" x 5"
Weight: 5 lbs


"Music on Fire" Electric Guitar

The mosaic created on this self-built electric guitar is inspired by a musical performance by a singer that I have known for years. The musical notes in the fire convey the burning passion of the uplifting music.

Materials: Ceramics, handmade ceramics, leaded crystals, stained glass, agate slice, millefiori

Dimensions: 40"(H) x 14"(W)
Weight: 15 lbs


The Hat

Materials: ceramic, mirror, stained and fused glass, abalone, glass beads
Dimensions: 17"(H) x 13"(W) x 7"(D)
Weight: 20lbs


"The Lovers II"

The sculpture is a near-full-size shape of a man and a woman from the waist up, embracing.

The couple is created with a repertoire of mosaic materials which are layered over the Styrofoam core covered with fiber mesh and mortar. Here, one can find the compassion of love through their hug. Multi colors of grout are employed to enhance the image. On the base of the sculpture, two layers of mirrors with varieties of colors in tiles, tempered glass, and vitreous glass to reflect the couple's happiness.

Sculpture: styrofoam, copper pipes, fiber mesh, mortar, winterstone, nails, wood.

Mosaic layers: Ceramic, vitreous glass, tiles, mirror, tempered glass, wood beads.

Dimensions: 24(L)x 13(W)x 28(H)
Weight: 54lbs



A talented little girl that plays the cello inspired this piece.

Alicia is wearing party clothes. She is wearing earrings, a five strand necklace ending in a pendant that enhances her long beautiful neck, and a head cap. Her black and white top is edged by wrinkly red lace.


Sculpture: a head fiberglass, wire & fiber mesh, mortar, wood, nails.

Mosaic layers: Ceramic , vitreous glass tiles, stained glass, clear and charcoal tempered glass, glass beads & jewels.

Dimensions: 21(L)x 10(W)x 24(H)


"Gone with the Wind"

"Gone with the Wind" represents the face of an Asian woman who immigrated to the United States as an adult. One half of her face -- as her hair blows towards the back -- reflects her native country's roots she cannot forget while the other half conveys her integration in the new country's culture. In the middle of her blouse, love flowers for both countries.

On this piece, you will notice that mosaic covers the different angles of the sculpture with special glass cuttings. The still images on this website cannot convey the shape and movement of her hair as seen in reality.


Sculpture: styrofoam, wire mesh, mortar, a metal pipe, nails.

Mosaic layers: China ceramic, Monet glass, glass, seashells.

Dimensions: 20(L)x 9(W)x 15(H)


"The Lovers I"

The two lovers express their love through an affectionate hug emerging from their hearts like the butterfly of the woman's blouse. The woman is intentionally made much smaller than the man to express the feelings of belonging and being protected by her lover.

The manís primary colors are red and blue and the womanís are yellow and green.


Sculpture: styrofoam, wire mesh, mortar, a brick, a metal pipe, nails.

Mosaic layers: China ceramic (Mikasa plates and others), mirror, glass, beads.

Dimensions: 12.5(L)x 7(W)x 26.5(H)