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Commissioned by:
Hao & Thu-Du Bui
Riverside, Ca
Gift for their daughter's 33rd birthday - Tuong-Van Bui

Pepper is one of Tuong-Van's five cats. Pepper passed away on February 28th, 2016 and her parents gave Pepper to her as a birthday gift. Pepper statue will be the memorial reminder of his life with her family.

Materials: Ceramic, mini tiles, fused glass
Dimensions: 16"(H) x 16"(W) x 12"(D)
Weight: 14 lbs


The Pig "Hamlette"

Acquired By:
Renee Anker
Woodside, CA

Materials: Ceramic,fused glass, stone chips
Dimensions: 17"(H) x 18"(W) x 12"(L)
Weight: 65 lbs


The Rooster

Commissioned by:
Hao Bui
Riverside, CA
Gift for wife Thu-Du Bui

Materials: Ceramic, stones, glass beads
Dimensions: 21"(H) x 18"(L) x 10"(W)
Weight: 98 lbs


Princess Aurora
Acquired By:
Jackie Feretzis
San Francisco, CA

Materials: Ceramic, stained glass, mirror, glass beads, sea urchin spines, abalone
Dimensions: 36" x 12"
Weight: 73 lbs


The Blue Cap English Bulldog

Acquired By:
Kirby Burnside, Attorney
Palo Alto, Ca

Materials: The cap (self build): vitreous, tempered, and stained glass, gems
The dog: ceramic, hematite, millefiori
Dimensions: 16" (H) x 20" (L) x 15" (W)
Weight: approximate 100 lbs


"Mermaid Statue"

Acquired By:
T.J. Politzer, Musician, and wife Stephanie
Campbell, CA

This mermaid enjoys her break from the ocean and is bathing in the sun. As her hair flows carelessly over her shoulder, she shows off her delicate seashell and majestic body to the outside world.
This Mermaid can either be a decorative statue or a water fountain top where water will pour from the top of the seashell.

Materials: China ceramic, stained glass, tiles, glass beads, gems, corals
Dimensions: 5'(H) x 26" (D)
Weight: approximate 300 lbs


Flamingo (red)

Acquired By:
Lois Zell
San Jose, CA

Materials: Ceramic, vitreous glass, stain glass, rocks, sea shells.
Dimensions: 29'' x 11'' x 8"


Flamingo (pink)

Materials: Ceramic, marbles, rocks.
Dimensions: 29'' x 11'' x 8"


The Cat "Saki" - The Fish Catcher

Acquired By:
T.J. Politzer, Musician, and wife Stephanie
Campbell, CA

Saki' is a black and white cat with a pink scarf around her head. She has just returned from a fishing trip and shows off her basketfull of fish proudly.

Materials: Charcoal tempered glass, Ceramic, marbles.
Dimensions: 24 (H) x 14 (Base)
(about the same size of a real big cat)


The Cat "Kiku" - The Gardener

Acquired By:
Dorothy Lewis

Kiku has a tan outer coat with a white muzzle, belly, and paws. He wears a red collar and his fur shows off its flow and consistency. Here we've caught Kiko in a pensive mood as he works the soil with a shovel.

Materials: Ceramic, stained glass, marbles.
Dimensions: 24 (H) x 14 (Base)
(about the same size of a real big cat)



Acquired By:
Jack and Betsy Rix
Woodside, CA

Chachky is a life-size German shepherd. Her weight is close to a live shepherd’s and she is wearing a colorful sweater and collar.

Materials: China ceramic, glass, wine bottle (amber and jade colors).
Dimensions:29(H) x 16(L) x 10(W)


The Pug "Mojo"

Acquired By:
Kirby Burnside, Attorney
Palo Alto, Ca

Mojo is a puppy pug. Her characters are expressed thru her sweater which is filled with colors and flowers.
Materials: China ceramic, button, acrylic jewels.
Dimensions:14(H) x 20(L) x 9(W)


The Pug "Misha"

Acquired By:
Kirby Burnside, Attorney
Palo Alto, Ca

Misha is a black male pug which is dressed up in grey pants and a sweater which is patterned with wild animals. Misha is carefully topped off with a green bow.
Materials: Ceramic
Dimensions:14(H) x 20(L) x 9(W)


The Alligator "Gatio"

Acquired By:
Chip Wood and Karen Loss
Plano, Texas

Gatio is wearing a colorful coat which carries 2 characters: one side has blue varieties and blue grout to represent for male and the other side has pink & orange mixed with pink grout for a female character. On the shoulder of the male side, a little daring frog (made by stone) is challenging Gatio.

Gatio can be used to decorate the swimming pool.

Materials: China ceramic, stone, arcylic jewels, glass.
Dimensions: 10(H) x 50(L) x 10(W)


The Rooster "Bootskie"
(Not for Sale)

Different colors and materials were used to maximize the beautiful color of the rooster. On the side of the rooster's foot, a green gecko is trying to escape from the view of the rooster.

Materials: China ceramic, glass, rocks.
Dimensions:27(H) x 18(L) x 11(W)
Weight: 82 lbs


The Zebra "Zibu"

Acquired By:
D. Kaump
Concord, Ca

Zibu is a young unique female and wild zebra. Zibu is fascinated with colors. She wears a colorful coat with striped glasses and a collar (which is made with buttons) with a name tag of an Autumn leaf as a memory of the time she was in the nature.

Materials: China ceramic, mirrors, buttons, rocks, marbles, arcrylic jewels.
Dimensions: 23(L) x 23(H) x 11 (W)


Prince Moon

Acquired By:
Jackie Feretzis
San Francisco, CA

Prince Moon is dressed in a heart-warming sweater. The vibrant sun is set against the red hot backround. The Prince's collar is made of acrylic jewels and its finishing touch is a lovely center piece of the sun logo.
Materials: China ceramic, glass, rocks.
Dimensions:10(L)x 21(H)x 7(W)


The Howling Wolf "Isla"

Acquired By:
Anne Pletcher
La Honda, CA

Isla is dressed up in a sweater which has a trim of Looney Toon characters.

Materials: China ceramic
Dimensions: 10(L)x 21(H)x 7(W)